Is it time that the government of the united kingdom started to do something about the growing issue of traffic on our roads, during peak hours the commute in and out of most if not all major cities in the country is gridlock, taking hours instead of minures, and the main reason is simply that people like cars and vans rather than public transport. When you ask a child these days if they can take the bus they would rather be driven or even walk sometimes, why well in most cases they dislike waiting for buses or they say that the are so overcrowded using them is unpleasant. So why not lay more on at a more reasonable price, the other things that holds us back is the price, back in the 80s a child fare was 10p now even allowing for inflation that’s 41p nowerdays but with the average child fare t £2 or more and with a adult fare one way of £3.50 why use something that’s overcrowded it works out cheaper and they say easier to use a car or even a taxi. So what is to be done, if the level of expansion is to continue sooner or later you wont be able to commute there will be no capacity to actually move the miles of cars will outweigh the parking or the capacity of our roads. So why not change things, increase the cost of motoring to diswade people more, add a tax to all cities making it cheaper to drive to an outlying area and bus or train/tram in and releave things. Plus make it affordable and comfortable to use public transport. 

What would it take to double the amount of buses on our roads, make them eco-friendly highbrids and as the number increase so will comfort as they wont be as crowded. Add in some needed structure of bus only routes to bus only terminus and you have a good start, leave it as it is and all you are doing is slowly cooking the planet dwindling resources to make cars for people… 

Lower the fares, increase the number increase the bus lanes and increase their use… and we all get back to a more workable city scape like in the 70s when every household didn’t have 3 cars and hate buses.  

As for the train system, isn’t it time for british rail to make a needed come back.. but that’s another rant. 

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