I find myself revisiting a thought from YouTube and the Internet news sites. Given the current security and monitoring climate in the world should people still use social media? And if you do is it actually “safe”. If you buy into the social media rhetoric then if you are not on them you are missing out. You should be sharing your day and your thoughts at all time. Link with friends and family keep them up on what’s your doing and where you are but…should you. Ask yourself would you go shouting to everyone where you are or are going would it help anyone to know this. There are several things to think about. Firstly the positive – safety people will know where you are that your safe and how to find you if they wanted to or needed to. Your friends can understand how things are going what entertains or annoys and it may aid your relationships.

But then there’s the negative- everything you do is open to everyone and always will be, a saying from the social network springs to mind “the I telnet is written in ink you can’t rub it out” once it’s posted then its there forever! Do something you don’t want your boss or partner to see?

Well too late you can’t get it gone. And is what you post yours to delete? No. In most. Cases if you trawl the endless terms and conditions you agreed to most sites clearly show… somewhere! that anything you post belongs to them and they¬† can do with it whatever they want. So if you post a picture that they could make money out of then don’t be surprised if tomorrow you see it on a tshirt and you don’t get credit. Plus everything is tracked and collated and you are sold as a commodity if its free then you are 4he product. Sites like Google and Facebook collate your data and sell it to anyone who will pay. If you post it then they can profit.

You are tracked you are collated annotated monetised and circulated its how they have invented the business of data.

So ask yourself if you are willing to give up your privacy or individually just to post your dinner pic or outfit of the day.

I for one won’t be on these sites anytime soon, you can still post to sites you own or do so using sudonym. Keep your data just that YOURS

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