As the UK and the world start to ease lockdown we have to consider what comes next…

Now tour expecting some deep and meaningful reflection on the state of the worlds medical investigations…erm…sorry not here. My burning question will be how long until I can get a mcdonalds and go t ok the movies.

Dont get me wrong, long term there is need for medical research a cure or treatments are needed. But, in the short term and for the mental wellbeing of adults we need to leave the house! Its maddening to be stuck in the same location with the same people for over two months with little to no breaks. You get more alone time in prison (and better meals). So we cling to some normality. Now we start the countdown. Days not weeks until we can go to a take a was at but there is no news on the movies! We cant get there because the buses are limiting we cant sit there as social distancing is an issue… so now what

I know let’s watch a repeat on tv! Please help no.

So there is no point to this point just some thoughts some wishes and a place to want… I have several thousand movies tens of thousands of episodes of tv to go out but all in the same house… a change of scenery is badly needed but wont happen soon…help!

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