As we enter the award season once more, in this day and age we have to ask simply… why? Why do we need to have the academy awards? Whats the purpose, its a waste. This is an event by movie makers for movie makers to say who was best at making a format that makes…money. And today all that happens is that some people get a pat on the back and others moan its not diverse enough. Well lets just scrap it.

The oscars started 91 years ago as a 15 minute awards ceremony surrounded by a meal, which seems reasonable, they say who did a good job, who was “best” and they moved on. Now though, its a full event in itself, with run up events and a full evening for the ceremony. They spend thousands on gifts, millions on locations and broadcast rights… all to do what. To congratulate each other on putting out “entertainment” that made yet more money, its a big cash cow gone wild!

If the movie was good, it makes money, customers go and see it in theatres, later buy it on disc or online, money is made and re-invested and the leftovers pay wages for fold to survive. There is just no need to do this anymore. Use the money to invest in new technology, support those in need, help pay for those retired in the industry. Scrap the show in effect. Why not let netflix take over, make an hour special out of the awards, pat them on the back and we choose to watch or not.

The academy is supposed to be an organisation to help people in the industry, but it just helps the rich get richer. 

As for the remarks on diversity, well thats simple, until the studios take on more women, ethnic origin people and the like it stays the same, if the biggest earners are made by men, then men get the pat on the back its that simple.

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